City of Light

1801 handcrafted

$ 4.00

We closed out eyes and imagined what a night on the town would smell like. The
romantic scents of lavender and a light cinnamon were in the air. Relax and enjoy the comforting smells of this candle when your are having a cozy night in.

The 8 oz candle will burn for approx. 60 hours, and burns CLEAN

The 16 oz candle will burn for approx. 120 hours, and burns CLEAN
(our candles contain soy wax, fragrance oil, & dye if applicable)

Soy wax burns soot free, and at lower temperatures than paraffin wax. Because of the lower burn degree, soy candles last about 30% longer than paraffin candles- but, the best part is they're so much cleaner!


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